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High School is not free in Mexico. The cost is approximately $50 per month and on Isla Mujeres, an island where the average daily wage is $8, this can be a huge strain for some families.

We have matched up people who travel frequently to the island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, (Islaholics) with students on the island to provide financial assistance for high school and college expenses. Many of our students not only excel, but have gone further with their education than they ever dreamed possible.
As sponsors, we are proud to help such deserving students and watch them succeed. The relationships that are formed between the sponsor family and the student family result an enhanced cultural understanding and a rewarding friendship.

I need to make a plea for some additional sponsors for our Scholarship program that benefits kids and their families on Isla.

It started a few years ago with 6 high school kids and 9 sponsors. Now we have 12 kids, most are in college, and over 40 sponsors. We had our very first college graduate back in June.

But in this economy sponsors come and sponsors go so we need some additional folks to participate. You can do so at two different levels… either $55 a month or $30 a month. In either case $5 goes to La Gloria English School as well, so you are helping them out too. The rest goes to the student and their families. Some of the college kids get $150 – $200 a month so we form “teams” of sponsors.

Find us on Facebook – Isla Mujeres Scholarship Group.

Some of our students and sponsors.

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  1. I personally know several people who sponsor students and it is not only very rewarding to see their student become so successful, but they become lifelong friends of the entire family in the process. It’s a wonderful way to give back to Isla!

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