Being a Mother can be tough but rewarding

My only child almost died last month. She went into cardiac arrest. Thankfully she was at the county courthouse and a deputy started CPR in just a few minutes. I had just left the day before on what was supposed to be a 16 day vacation on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. I got the first flight home that I could which wasn’t until two days later.
My daughter spent 5 days in the Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital’s cardiac ICU. She had a defibrillator implanted. She is recovering but had a set back a little over a week ago. The area around where the leads are implanted was very inflamed and causing much burning pain. She is getting better every day.
This was the 2nd time my daughter suffered from cardiac arrest. The first time was 11 years ago since there was a trace of drugs in her lab work no cardiologist was brought in to do any testing. That episode was so much worse than what happened last month. The first time she was in coma for 3 days and I was told there was only a glimmer of hope that she would live.
Being a parent is a tough job. I am so lucky to have my daughter. She is very dear to me.

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