My daughter may make the newspaper

I just got home from Tara and Kelly’s where I had dinner. Tara got a voice mail on Friday from a reporter from the Oregonian (the local daily newspaper). She returned her call and left her a voice mail. Finally today they talked live. The reporter wanted Tara’s permission to use her name and interview her for an article she is writing about the two men who performed CPR on her at the county courthouse. The reporter wanted to know if Tara could be at the courthouse tomorrow when she interviewed and photographed the two men. Tara told her she had no way to get there and the reporter told her that they could send a taxi for her. Tara agreed and said that she would love to be there and knew that I had written thank you notes to the two men. The reporter said that the deputy told her that I had written to him. The reporter called her back and said the paper’s attorney advised that they could not send Tara a taxi since it would look like coercion. Give me a break! So tomorrow the reporter and a photographer are coming to Tara’s house to wrap up the interview and take her photo. Tara said on Tuesday she is going to have her friend Cindy take her to the courthouse so she can talk to the deputy who is stationed there. The reporter gave Tara no idea when the article might be ran but I am guessing it’s like a Sunday human interest story or something. Wow! How interesting is that?

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