Tara’s first week back at work

Well Tara finished her first week back at work. As nervous as she was to return she said that the work was fine and went by very quickly (only 2 hours a day 11:00 – 1:00). The mass transit disabled commuter service sucked but she was grateful that they did provide her a ride. They would give her a 30 minute window when they would be by to pick her up in the morning. Then some days she would wait 45 minutes for them to arrive to pick her when she was ready to leave work. Most days the roundtrip commute was 3 – 4 hours because of multiple stops and according to Tara very strange routes to pick other passengers up. Tara said that all of the drivers were awesome. Next week Tara will go to 4 hours a day. She will be working 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM. Kelly gets off work at 2:45 PM so he will pick her up and bring her home That will help reduce her commute considerably.
Tara works for one of the largest credit unions on the west coast and the largest Oregon based financial institution. One day early in the week the credit union CEO, VP of HR, her department VP, her boss and his boss were all standing around her desk. The CEO told her that he would be checking on her and if she was at her desk at 1:02 he would personally escort her out of the building.
I took Tara to her cardiologist nurse practitioner appointment yesterday morning. Everything is looking good. Tara still being concerned about the accumulating costs of out of pocket payments because of the hospital and clinic being off her insurance network asked the nurse how often she still needed to be seen. Tara was going to ask for a referral to someone covered by her health insurance. The nurse said only every 6 months. They will be ordering a remote monitoring device for Tara’s defibrillator. The device plugs into a regular phone jack. Tara will need to monitor her defibrillator once a month and the results will be sent to the clinic. The next day she will have a phone appointment for the nurse to review the results and anything else going on. The nurse told Tara that at any time she feels something weird or just not right to she can use the monitor then call them to ask to have her results reviewed with her.
Tara called and cancelled the Vegas wedding package. She is out the $365 non- refundable deposit. The woman was very nice and asked Tara if she was OK. Then Tara told her no and what happened. Kelly told her to cry and maybe she could get her money back. Of course Tara working in collections was not about to do that. The woman did tell Tara that she could use the deposit for her next wedding as long as it was a year from the original date. She told her this 3 times. Tara said I hoped that she meant if we decide to reschedule not really a next wedding. It actually sounded pretty funny when Tara told me.
So things are going well and Tara continues to improve. She has gone back to the gym and is doing cardio and light leg weights. She cannot do any upper body work out for some time.
I just wanted to share some good news with you all. Thanks for listening.

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