Golf cart tour of Isla Mujeres

Take a golf cart tour with me around Isla Mujeres.

Ralph picked up the golf cart the from El Sol. There looks to be about 12 or more rooms being built above the cart rental office.

We drove around the island and stopped to see the progress at Zamas. It looks like there is a long way to go before the construction is complete. There are several high end stainless ovens in the kitchen. There are even handicap ramps to get to the banos and showers. We just walked around checking things out and no one said a word to us. You wouldn’t be able to walk unescorted through a construction site in the USA.

That evening we had a drink at Alamar Lounge at sunset then went to the ballpark for tacos.

The next morning we started with breakfast at M&J’s. Cazuelas all around. You cannot beat the view from here!

Keep in mind that most of these photos were taken by me from the backseat of a moving golf cart.
Driving south on Rueda Medina we started our tour of the island. We took the airport road south and then wandered through the colonias. I took a bunch of photos of the new houses on the Caribbean side. I was amazed just since October how much new construction there was.

Confiscated boats docked at the Navy pier.

Freshly painted wall along the Caribbean

New condos 800sq ft for sale with 360 degree views from the rooftop with pool

The newest colonia

Driving through various colonias

Did I say it was April 21st? Once a sign is painted it seems to stay until it eventually wears off. Same with all of the political sings painted around the island.

Apparently someone at this house LOVES frogs!

The new police station and jail near the ballfield

We stop at Villa Vera to check on our boats. Lol!

We had a drink and a dip in the pool and lazed a bit in the sun. My daughter and her fiancée are really going to like staying here for their delayed honeymoon in November. I got them a room through RCI as a timeshare trade.

We drove around for awhile longer then we went to Casa O’s for lunch. Sorry there is no Lobster Bisque today the waiter politely informed us.
The four lettuce, shrimp, pasta and martini olive salad and fresh bread were very good.

Of course the view is stunning!

Then we headed to El Varadero for a couple of Mojitos and to check on our boats there.

The monstrous Unik is slowly progressing. It really doesn’t look much further along than it looked in October.

A stop at Punta Sur to streach our legs. I always seem to take a photo of this shelter.

Back to el centro to return the golf cart. We did everything we wanted to in 24 hours.
I hope that you enjoyed taking a tour of the island with me.

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