Fast forward a year to April 2008 – another Isla Mujeres home buying dilemma

I spent 1 ½ weeks on Isla Mujeres last month. I came home with the same dream of buying a place on Isla.
I briefly considered these new condos on the Caribbean side of Isla. They are 860 square feet for $219,000. There is a rooftop pool and can you believe this UNDERGROUND parking. For what a golf cart?

I had dinner my last night on the island with a friend who has lived there for 18+ years. She told me about a friend of a friend who wants sell his home. I had several email exchanges with him regarding his home which is exactly where I would love to live on the island. I considered making an offer but I felt so stressed out about it that I was not sleeping. I finally came to the realization that the same reasons he wanted to sell were the exact reasons I wasn’t ready to buy.

Here is the email I sent him regarding not making an offer on his home.

I have been going to Isla since 1993 and I still am undecided about buying a place there. I think I have decided not to pursue making an offer on your home. It has me stressed out thinking about managing a home as a remote owner. If I were retired I would make a different decision. But I still plan on working for a few more years. When I am on Isla I get all excited about the possibility of owning a home but when I really think things through I get stressed. All of the reasons that you are looking to sell your home are reasons for me not to buy a home on Isla. Quickly a vacation would become work. Thank you for taking the time to tell me about your home. I am sure you will find a worthy buyer

3 Responses

  1. Glad you decided to post here. I’ve been checking most every week since the 1st post. We, too have thought about making a purchase on the island and the long distance ownership was a draw back also. Think we would probably do a long term rental if we ever get to spend more than a few weeks—when we both retire!

  2. Jackie…Just found your blog. Ownership on Isla can be tiring. Keeping up trusts, paying taxes, etc. etc. Visit my blog sometime.
    Brenda aka Trixie

  3. Brenda, saw your blog and have added it to blogs I read. I know about the problems, isues and time that would be involved in owing on Isla. That is why once again I decided not to. It is a dream but I understand the reality.

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