Where I live – Oregon

Last August a friend of mine from Iowa flew to Portland for a couple of days before we went to Kauai together. I took my friend on a drive known as the scenic Mount Hood Loop.
Mount Hood is the tallest mountain in Oregon in the Cascades Mountain Range. We went up to Timberline Lodge, elevation 5,600 feet. The mountain is over 11,000 feet tall.
This photo is of the west side of Mt Hood. You can tell by the brilliant blue sky that the day was perfect for this drive. The north side of Mt Hood has year round skiing and snowboarding. There were many people at the lodge area this day in shorts and t-shirts who had skis and snow boards.

Looking to the east

Looking south there is Mt Jefferson off in the far distance

Timberline Lodge dedication sign

The next part of the drive is to the North to Hood River. The Hood River Valley is well known for two things. The first being that there are many fruit orchards and vineyards. The second thing that Hood River is known for is that it is where windsurfing was born. The Columbia River Gorge is a very windy place.
I drove the old scenic highway to Multnomah Falls and then on to Crown Point and Vista House.

East view of the Columbia River Gorge taken from the viewpoint at Crown Point.

Looking to the west toward Portland and the north to the State of Washington

4 Responses

  1. Beautiful photos, Jackie! Loved the waterfall one.

  2. Thanks Jamqueen! The day was just gorgeous and oerfect for taking photos.

  3. You certainly live in a beautiful place! Love the waterfall pic. Would love to visit there.

  4. Wayne,
    There are many smaller waterfalls along that scenic old highway drive. I was driving so my friend could gawk or there would be more waterfall photos.

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