Car Ferry – Isla Mujeres

This blog is a result of reading a recent blog by Isla Mujeres: Gringo in Paradise Featuring……..The Car Ferry!
Friends and I always say that we should take a sunset cruise on top of the car ferry. We will pack a cooler with cervezas and enjoy the view of the sunset from a different perspective. Maybe some trip we will actually follow through with this plan.
My daughter’s 5th trip to Isla she asked me what the car ferry was as we were sitting on the beach at Playa Sol. I couldn’t believe with all of the time she has spent at that beach she never noticed the ferry. I love the ferry and taking photos of it from various angles. I have some good shots of it at sunset.
Here are some of my photos of the ferries taken during trips to Isla Mujeres over several years.

I had to take about 10 shots to get the car ferry through the catamaran to be just the right perspective I was looking for.

2 Responses

  1. Great photos! I really like the one under the catamaran. The third one down in the sunset is my favorite. There is something fascinating about the car ferry…unless you are waiting for 3 hours in the hot sun to get on!

  2. The car ferry says Isla to me. The sound and sights of the ferry make me smile. I can’t imagine waiting in the hot sun for three hours.

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