The dangers of walking on sidewalks or for that matter on beaches in Mexico

A recent blog post by Nancy and Paul on their Countdown to Mexico blog made me think about many of the times I have had “duh, klutz moments” or near misses in Mexico. But then again my daughter says that I am not an accident waiting to happen I am an accident.

One trip to Isla Mujeres I a friend and I were walking down the beach after enjoying lunch at a waterfront restaurant. I was very carefully stepping on the ropes that tie up the boats. I must have managed to walk over 10 ropes when the last one tripped me. I swear it tripped me I didn’t trip over it all by myself. I went flying down the beach my backpack becoming a projectile that would have knocked anyone over if it had hit them. The worst part was the beach waiter who asked me if I could do that again so he could take my photo. “Yes, sure Chapoy that’s going to happen! NOT” That same afternoon while I was talking to friends on the beach a futbol smacked me in the face just missing my Maui Jim sunglasses.

This same trip (no pun intended) I was walking to my room at the place I always stay. For some reason unknown to me there is a step of sorts for no freaking reason on the upstairs’ walkway. I was a bit distracted looking at my dress that I had hung out to dry that seemed to be falling over the balcony when I tripped and fell flat on my face. A young man who was staying in the room I had just passed came out and I asked me if I was OK? Yes, I just injured my dignity.

Then there was the time I was walking out of the Subway Sandwich shop in the Cancun airport and did not realize that there was 6 inch difference between the shop floor and the walkway. Geeze, what is up with that? If my daughter hadn’t grabbed my arm I would probably have fallen down and injured myself. Tara is always saying “MOM, be careful”. But she loves me and tells people that is where she gets her klutziness from.

Don’t even get me started on the sidewalks! The absolute worst city I have seen in Mexico for sidewalk dangers is La Paz. In the commercial shopping district each business is responsible for maintaining or NOT the sidewalk in front of their business. While a few were beautifully tiled they were the exception. As you walked by a business to the next business there could be a drop off as much as 1 foot or more. My sister said that she was surprised we didn’t see a bunch of people walking round with broken legs.

Next trip to Mexico I am going to document some of the hazards like Nancy did.

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  1. Different levels in the houses, most of them less than an inch,are because a new floor was put over the existing floor. That way you don’t have to pay for removing the old tiles, they just pour a thin layer of cement and lay the new tiles on that.
    What I dislike is places where the sidewalk has gotten so smooth from people walking on them that you slip if there’s even a hint of water on them.
    Also there are places where the sidewalk is level but the street is not, so when you get to the corner, you have a 12 inch or more drop off.
    You do get used to it and I like the idea that you are responsible for paying attention to what you are doing.

  2. What? There are no bad sidewalks or holes or steps to mess you up on la Isla! (LMAO at my joke!) Oh, the stories I could tell of my humiliation at electric guy wires in the middle of a sidewalk! I think the worse city ever for sidewalks that I have encountered is San Jose, Costa Rica. Death traps.

  3. Teresa,
    Well that makes sense I suppose. I always try to walk with my eyes looking down when in Mexico to make sure I don’t encounter that misstep.
    Yea, right!

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