Whoo hoo! I am off to Sanibel Island for a week of vacation!

I am packed and ready to go explore a new beach vacation spot. I leave tonight on a redeye flight to Fort Myers. I have never been to Sanibel Island before. A few years ago I was going to go to Sanibel but a hurricane hit and made it impossible. Instead we went to Siesta Key. I have a bunch of books to read and other than walking the beach looking for shells this will be a totally go with the flow vacation. Actually most of my vacations are that way since for the most part they are usually beach vacations in Mexico or Hawaii.

A friend that I met almost seven years ago on Isla Mujeres, MX lives 8 miles away from Sanibel and she will be picking me up one night to go to dinner. I have only seen Jane when we have been on Isla at the same time. I asked if it wasn’t too touristy could we go to The Bubble Room on Captiva Island? She said sure, that they have interesting scenery there.

The cottages where I will be staying have wifi so I will write some blog posts and upload photos while I am there.
I can’t wait to see the sun. The last week or so has been the Portland Rose Festival. It is the biggest city celebration of the year. There is a carnival, a couple of parades, a queen’s coronation, US and Canadian Navy and Coast Guard ships in town and much more. The local joke is “that don’t worry as soon as Rose Festival is over the sun will come out again.” It has only been in the mid to high 50s and today snow fall was predicted at 4,000 feet.

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