Sanibel Island Part 3 (?)

I am in from the sun taking a lunch break. Sunday afternoon it was real nasty, windy, heavy rain and thunder and lightning. Power was knocked out 100 miles away in Tampa and almost immediately there was looting. There was a huge water spout spotted up north aways as well.

Yesterday afternoon it got real windy but only a bit of rain and then a couple of hours later the sun came out. Mornings are great, hot and sunny. I haven’t made it to the beach yet. I was still so beat yesterday that I wanted to just hang around the pool and be able to come in and cool off in the AC. Tomorrow I am taking my camera, the little cart, umbrella, chair and shelling stuff and spending the morning at the beach.

Here are a few photos of the place I am staying. Sorry about the stuff scattered all over the room but I wasn’t about to pick it up to take photos.

OK, lunch and break from the sun is over. Back to the pool!

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