Flowers, birds and lizards of Sanibel Island

There are a variety of flowers and trees here around the Sunshine Island Inn. Here are a few photos that I have taken the past couple of days.

Wildflowers by my front door
There are a couple of these in planters in the back by the pool

This plant has wrapped itself around a palm tree. That fuzzy thing will bloom at night in the summer only after a rain. They are not quite ready to bloom yet though. It is not hot enough for them to have reached maturity.

These lizards are very different looking than the geckos I am used seeing on Isla or in Hawaii.
OK, so it is not Wild Kingdom but watch this lizard’s throat as it postures for his female mate.It jumped on my foot and scared the crap out of me then jumped over to the planter.

These are a few of the birds that are kept at a little strip mall down the road aways. They hadn’t been fed yet so they were not very lively like they were when I saw them two nights ago.

The place I am staying has wifi but I can’t believe how low the connection signal is for being such a small place. I can’t imagine that the wireless router is that far away from the access points (yes 2) stuck on the glass slider of the room back side by the pool. The office is just across the pool on the other side of the rooms there. It is annoying how long it is taking to upload photos and HOW LONG it took to upload that short video. I couldn’t get it to upload to Blogger. It said it was uploading then just disappeared. YouTube took forever!

Another gripe I have is there is only one taxi service on this small island. The minimum rate is $10.00 even if you only want to go 2 miles. I keep telling myself it is still cheaper than if I had rented a car. The two drivers I have had (retired guys from Ohio & New Jersey who refer to other drivers as seniors)though have been very nice and helpful. But last night I had my heart set on going to Gramma Dot’s for a fresh grouper dinner and to take photos of the yachts at the marina, the mansions and the causeway. The taxi service’s phone was not working. I tried on and off for over 40 minutes and then just decided to have a glass of wine and leftover pizza that I had delivered Monday night.

Overall though I am liking the cottages and everything.

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