Sanibel Island – Beach visit & dinner with one of my first Isla friends

The morning started out cloudy and humid. The manager at the cottages said that it was not supposed to rain. So around 11:15 I decided to walk to the beach. The beach path is about 200 yards away then just short stroll from there. It is a very long beach. I think I must have been about in the center of the beach at least to where it curves and you can’t see it anymore. There were people all over bending down looking for shells.

No fantastic shells found today but you can see that shells are scattered all over the beach.

It was not that spectacular to begin with. Then the clouds begin blowing away and the sky was a beautiful blue.

Here a few of the “just ordinary” shells I picked up today. The gold shiny one I thought was a penny and I wanted to pick it up for good luck.

One of my first Isla friends is picking me up for dinner tonight. I first met Jane in November of 2001. I haven’t seen Jane in about 2 years. She was leaving Isla the day after I arrived so we just had dinner to say hola and adios.Jane hasn’t been back to Isla since she moved to Ft. Myers about 1 1/2 years ago. We are going to Captiva Island to The Bubble Room. According to Jean the manager at the Sunshine Island Inn “you either love The Bubble Room or hate it.” Oh, well if nothing else I get to visit with Jane and see some scenery along the way to the restaurant.

Here’s what I took photos of on the way back from Capitva.This is a house not a courthouse or hotel as it may seem. Crap! Can you imagine the money being spent? It looks like it has about an 8 car tandem garage as well as what will be a huge landscaped yard.

Then down the road a bit there is a similar house being built. The money on these two islands is unbelievable! And most of the huge mansion type homes are 2nd or 3rd homes not full time residences.

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  1. Great Pictures Jackie. Keep em coming!!

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