STORM WATCH! Sanibel Island. Oh wait I am not on TV

Earlier this afternoon my tough decision was whether or not to go to the restaurant I want to for dinner and walk around old town. I really want to get there to take photos of the marina and the McMansions as well as the historic old town Sanibel. The sky looks pretty ugly especially over that way. Like a good Oregonian I do have an umbrella in my suitcase. Oh, forget it an umbrella won’t do any good in this wind! Oh, oh I think my lights just blinked. I did take a taxi twice to the grocery store so I wouldn’t have to eat all meals out. I guess I will just make myself a turkey and cheese sandwich, pour a glass of wine and eat an apple for dessert. It is only 5:00 so I think I will wait an hour to see what the weather is like.
Sunday evening a few hours after I got here there was a big storm and a tornado touched down in Ft. Myers. Monday around the same time it got real windy, thundered then a couple hours later the sun was out. Wednesady morning it was cloudy and humid then it cleared up for a beautiful afternoon.
Oh shit that lightning strike looked a bit too close for me and the thunder sounded like it was right over my head. The lights went out for more than just a quick blink.

About 30 minutes later the storm continues.

I guess I will just hunker down (what is the origin of hunker down?) for the evening and crack open a bottle of wine.
The storm lasted for several more hours. I swear for some time the thunder was directly over my head. My room shook. It scared the crap out of me!

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