I know the blogger manual says “No one cares what you had for lunch” but…

Since I have been on vacation on Sanibel Island now for 6 days I have eaten only one real meal out.
Sunday night after an all night flight I just had a salad from the grocery store salad bar.
Monday dinner was a pizza delivered
Tuesday because there was a horrible storm I ate leftover pizza in my room
Wednesday – The Bubble Room on Captiva for a great grouper dinner with the leftovers for lunch on Thursday.
Thursday – due to the big storm I stayed in and just ate a turkey and cheese sandwich
So Friday I decided to splurge. I ate dinner at the Jacaranda. I had 2 dirty martinis, an appetizer of blackened prime rib with a crushed pecan barbeque sauce (a bit spicy and FABULOUS!), the best Caesar salad that I have had in years and a grilled grouper entrée with grilled veggies, a baked potato and a glass of chardonnay. I have half of the prime rib and half of the grouper, potato and veggies for leftovers. I probably spent more for this dinner than I have since the last time I splurged on a really expensive dinner in Las Vegas. Sorry but I won’t reveal how much I spent. But since I have not been eating every meal out it will average out OK. Also taking a taxi to dinner instead of renting a car has been worth the price since I would be paying $40 – $ 50 for a daily car rental but only $20 roundtrip for the taxi.
If you ever go to Sanibel Island the Jacaranda is a must dinner place.

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  1. I still have to get that book. I’ve enjoyed your stay on Sanibel along with you, except for the stingray. Funny, Cancun Tom had a scorpian yesterday on his blog. That is worse than a stingray!!!

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