Ouch,my toes hurt!

I was cleaning up some old photos today and came across this one. I am not sure why I even still have it on my computer.
Here’s the story:
Last July I went to Kauai for a week of vacation. I take meds for high blood pressure. This med also acts as a diuretic. I ran out of the meds and my feet and ankles became quite swollen. We were drinking wine and not eating exactly healthy. I got a blister on the bottom of my right big toe from my Crocs. My last night on Kauai I was at the grocery store when a big man in construction work like boots stepped back and landed smack on my big right toe. There was blood all over my foot by the time I got back to my hotel room. By the next day my toenail was barely hanging on by a scrap of tissue.
A week after I got home both toes were infected and I went to the urgent care clinic. The doctor did not want to remove my toe nail but I insisted. So I got a few shots of anesthetic and she yanked the toenail off. The blister on the other foot had become infected as well so she cleaned that up for me. I left with my two toes wrapped up and I could barely get my feet into my Crocs. For the next week or so I had to wear my Crocs to the office with my business wear. Not the most attractive look.
I know that I have posted before that my daughter Tara says I am not an accident waiting to happen I am an accident. Here is the proof.

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