A Mother’s job is tough but rewarding

As I was cleaning up my computer yesterday and getting rid of duplicate photos that I no longer needed I came across the folder of the photos I called “for Tara”.
Earlier this year when I was trying to help my daughter Tara with her recovery from a near death experience (cardiac arrest) I thought it would be helpful for her to have some activity that she could do that didn’t require much concentration. Cardiac Arrest causes lack of oxygen to the brain resulting in memory loss so she needed some activity that didn’t require a lot of concentration. I had gone through all of my online photos, scanned and uploaded and found about 100 that I used to make a PhotoShow. I then had these photos printed for Tara and purchased several scrap books for her. Tara asked me how I got my baby photos to look like they did. Hello, this is the way photos looked in the 50’s.
So for me to review this PhotoShow again brings back the memories from Tara’s recovery but also some really good memories about how Tara and I have evolved from mother and daughter to being really close friends. I have always said the being a mother is a tough job but if you and your children are friends you have been successful at parenting.

This photo must be from about 1977

My 50th birthday party three years ago

Photos of Tara and me about the same age but 20 years apart.

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