4th of July Fireworks crap for sale in a neighborhood near you

I have thought about writing this post since I first noticed last Saturday that the fireworks stand was set up in the strip mall parking lot about a mile from me. I ventured down there this afternoon with my camera. I asked the only adult in the tent what the heck did any of this have to do with the 4th of July and the USA Independence Day Celebration. He said “absolutely nothing”. Bingo. My thought exactly! I told him I wanted to take some photos of the crap they were selling to post on my blog. One of the kids asked me if I was a photographer, yes in my own mind I told him. But then I was told that the profits from the sales would be going to the Milwaukie High School football team. So of course that sparked an interest for me since that is the high school I attended many years ago. So it may be crap that they are selling but it is for a good cause. Make sure to ask when you purchase fireworks crap where the proceeds are going
Some of the football team working at the fireworks tent.

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