It is a beautiful sunny summer day in Portland,Oregon

To all of you who have suffered from the rain and floods I apologize if this sounds like gloating but WHOO HOO it is a beautiful sunny summer day in Oregon. It is 6:00 PM and 89 degrees with a bit of a breeze. More of the same is forecasted for the weekend.
Today is my Mother’s 79th birthday. Tomorrow my sister in ST. Helens is having family and friends over for a birthday barbeque and party. My sister’s backyard is a great place for entertaining. Her yard is well landscaped and has a creek running behind the house. This is the same sister and yard where my daughter Tara and her fiance Kelly will be getting married August 2nd.

Ha! The joke is on you this weekend Mr. Smarty Pants Caveman!

2 Responses

  1. What a beautiful garden area!! My daffodils are finally flowering now.

  2. When my sister was looking to buy a house in St. Helens she looked at a ton of houses before she saw the one she finally bought. What really makes this house special is that both my sister and mother who lives with her are avid gardeners. The creek in the back makes it look even more picturesque.

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