Portland made it on two TV shows last night – Another installment of “Where I Live”

Last night on the Food Network Rachael Ray’s Tasty Treats had Rachael visiting Portland. The show centered on great restaurants but tied in the Shanghai Underground that operated in Portland from 1850 – 1941. At the same time I was flipping over to HGTV’s Hidden Potential about buying green in Portland which is one the most green cities is in the US.

Back in January and February I took my daughter Tara to follow up visits with a cardiac nurse practitioner at Oregon Health & Sciences University’s new medical center building located in the South Waterfront area of Portland. The center is called The Center for Health and Healing. The building earned the Platinum Leed * rating which is the highest of eco ratings. It is the largest health facility in the U.S. to-date to receive that high a rating.
This tram runs from the South Waterfront OHSU center to the teaching hospital at the top of Pill Hill. There was quite a bit of controversy around building this tram since it runs above a residential neighborhood and ended up WAY over budget. But bottom line was something needed to be done about the glut of autos trying to compete for parking on top of Marquam Hill where in addtion to the teaching hosptal the VA Hospital, Dornbecher Children’s Hospital and The Schools of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing; and multiple research centers and labs are located.
I am not really afraid of heights but you wouldn’t catch me riding this tram. My daughter and her best friend want to though.

Just one of the many bike parking places near the tram stop

Portland is a very eco-friendly city and there is evidence of this throughout the city. There are very well defined bike lanes on many major streets. To and from work I take a route where I usually see five or six bicyclist riding together. Downtown there are bike lockup huts every few blocks. I Googled “Portland Eco” and had pages and pages of results displayed.

Portland may get a lot of rain but it is a very beautiful city. No rain in the forecast for today. At 8:45 AM it is 79 degrees with a high of 100 degrees forecasted.

*The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System of the U.S. Green Building Council encourages sustainable building and development practices and has become the benchmark for rating green-ness.

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