Mother of the Bride

A women that I worked with wanted me to go with her a couple of weeks ago to a bridal shop when she went to pick up her wedding dress so I could look at the Mother of the Bride dresses they had. I had visions of puffy, pastel cocktail like dresses that I would never wear again. Then in an email yesterday a friend asked me what I was going to wear to Tara and Kelly’s wedding.

I just spent some time searching for plus size mother of the bride outfits and some of the stuff I saw was downright scary. I am so not going to wear anything like this especially since it is an outdoor more casual wedding. Tara and Kelly are not going to have attendants and as I posted before their girls (dog) are walking Tara down the aisle.

These are plus size models and are they old enough to be mother’s of a bride? I don’t think so!

Why would they use photo to try to sell this dress? She looks disgusted with what she sees in the mirror.

I have pants like these that I will probably wear either with the satiny shell with a lacy blouse to go with it or look for a shimmerier blouse. That is on my agenda for today. I asked Tara her opinion yesterday and she said that would be fine.

Yesterday I looked online at wedding cakes made by a wedding cake lady who lives just a few miles from where the wedding will be. Tara said she doesn’t want some multi layered foo foo cake so I will show her the website later today so she can get an idea of what she wants me to order.

5 weeks to the big day! I have to make sure that I have some waterproof mascara to wear that day and lots of kleenix.

2 Responses

  1. Sounds like Tara is a sensible young lady. Don’t break the bank just for the wedding!!

  2. Tara has worked in the financial industry for most of her adult life. She is a collections supervisor at the largest Oregon based financial institution which is also the largest credit union on the west coast. She is very financially responsible.

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