Isla Mujeres and Akumal 1996

I first visited Isla Mujeres and Playa del Carmen in 1993. This was a well deserved vacation since I had spent 12 months taking an intense data curriculum course to get a certification for work. I spent about three weeks divided between the two locations. About three weeks before I was schedule to go my sister’s husband passed away. I tried to talk her into to going with me but she just wasn’t ready to leave her home and memories of her 21year marriage.

Then three years later my sister Debi asked me if we could go to Mexico together. So I planned a two week trip for us to Isla Mujeres and Akumal in March of 1996.
We spent the first week on Isla at Maria del Mar. We had the private, separate unit that may or may not be there anymore. For about half of our stay on Isla it rained and was very windy.
The ferry to Isla
Me at Garrafon

Hidalgo after days of rain

Windy beach day

Our view from Villas de Rosa in south Akumal. I checked their website and saw how much more the condos rent for today than in 1996. WOW! I am glad we stayed there when we did. There was great snorkeling just a short walk up the beach from our condo.

We went to Tulum and paid $10 for a tour guide. I was glad that we did because I learned so much more than when I first visited in 1993. I was amazed at how more commerical the entrance area had become in just three years.

When we were driving to Coba Debi had to pull off the road to get her camera out of the trunk These kids just mysteriously appeared asking for money or candy. I told Debi to ask if she could take their photo. Notice how they seem to be pretty experienced at posing for a camera. We didn’t give them money but we did have some snacks in the car that we gave them

Me climbing the ruin at Coba

We snorkeled at Ya Kul and it was fantastic

We got to Xel Ha early in the day before the tour buses and had a great time hanging out and wonderful snorkeling. This was the first time that I saw a ray while snorkeling. It came up right underneath me an scared the crap out of me.

We had a very nice trip even though Debi got very ill for several days. The three trips I have taken to Mexico with Debi she has gotten sick every time and I didn’t even though we usually shared meals.

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