Zihuatenejo and Ixtapa 1997

My next trip to Mexico was in the fall of 1997 again with my sister Debi to Zihuatenjo and Ixtapa. I had bought into locally owned vacation timeshare club called Worldmark. So I checked with them and got a RCI exchange for a week in Ixtapa. We spent the first three nights in Zihua at Hotel Sotavento y Catalina on La Ropa Beach. It was a nice hotel but there must have been 100 stairs to get down to the beach.

This was hard trip for me since it had only been about 8 months since my daughter Tara had almost died from a cardiac arrest. I was so paranoid about being so far away from her but I made sure I had several family members checking in on her on a regular basis. I really needed this vacation because as Tara slowly recovered from her near death experience I fell apart. I was depressed, I had anxiety attacks and if someone just looked at me wrong I would cry. Debi and I had a great time. But once again she got very ill for several days. I went back to Zihua about 1 ½ years later but for some unknown reason I didn’t take a camera. I really liked Zihua but my 2nd trip there several people saw sea snakes in the water and on the beach. The locals denied that is what they were but it freaked me out enough that I could never return there.

The view from our balcony at Hotel Sotavento

Playa la Ropa
The view from the timeshare at the Sheraton which luckily was at the very south end of the hotel zone so it was pretty quite.

Large banyon tree in Ixtapa

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