Puerto Vallarta – Tara’s first trip to Mexico 1998

This was Tara’s first trip to Mexico. On the flight to PV I told her about what to expect. I said that she would see areas of depressing poverty, begging children; everyone asking for tips and beach vendors who if you even looked at them would harangue you. Tara’s response was “I am my mother’s daughter. I know better.” I was pretty broke at this time so it was pretty much a budget trip. We did take a pirate boat day trip because for what I was used to spending for a snorkel trip in Hawaii it was very cheap. This was Tara’s first experience with the attention she would get from Mexican men. Tara is 5’9 and quite attractive. She handled it very well no matter how crass they were. I have always said that Tara flirts with anyone whether they are a kid, an adult or an animal.

Tara told me if I got another tattoo she would. We checked out a couple of tattoo parlors and went with this one because of how clean and hygentic everything looked plus they knew the tattoo artist in Portland that Tara got her first tattoo from.

This was the pirate ship we took the day tour on. The snorkeling was crap but we had a good day sailing around PV.
Sunset from our hotel room

Tara checking out the birds at the hotel
The very first day in PV Tara wanted to parasail. Not a mother’s best plan but I went along with it. Tara did not hear the whistle to tell her to pull the “let me down rope”. She almost landed in the palm trees and mother just about lost it. So did Tara as she couldn’t wait to get out of the harness and have a smoke.
The view from our hotel beach
Easter Sunday at the beach
The junglef falls south of PV

The malecon

2 Responses

  1. Is that the tat that Tara got that looks like mine?

  2. No, the one she has that looks kind of like yours is on her stomach. She got just a simple sun on her ankle in PV.

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