Cabo with my friend Kelly 1999

I was planning a trip to Cabo and I asked my friend Kelly if she wanted to come along. Kelly and her husband have always been notoriously bad with budgets and have always had a hard time making ends meet. I promised Kelly that Mexico was very cheap. Trust me! Besides once again I was doing a timeshare exchange for a week and she only needed to pay for ½ of one night in a hotel prior to moving to the timeshare.

I left three days before Kelly and I checked into the hotel south of San José del Cabo. It was a high end basic hotel with a nice pool on an unswimable beach. By the end of my first day there I knew that this was not the Mexico I was used to. The prices for everything were ridiculously high for Mexico. I kept thinking Kelly is going to kill me.

Kelly arrived two days later and the next afternoon we moved to the timeshare. This was the closest I have ever come to staying in a ‘resort” in Mexico but hey it only cost the $50 exchange fee. Kelly and I did go down the road aways to take a timeshare tour of another resort so we could get the two free days of a rental car.

We drove to what was supposed to be a great secret snorkeling beach. I think I saw one fish. Kelly does not swim and frantically watched me the whole time that I was in the water.

This was our favorite restaurant in San Jose del Cabo. It was owned by a Canadian couple whose son had recently graduated from a culinary school and was testing the waters as their chef. The portions were huge so we could share the three dinners we had here which made Kelly happy. When we had the rental car we went to the supermercado and stocked up on groceries so we (I, Kelly doesn’t really know how to cook) could cook dinner most nights. Ugh! Not my idea of a real vacation but I was accommodating my mistake of telling Kelly Cabo would be cheap.

A church in el centro San Jose del Cabo.

One evening we were walking around el centro San Jose del Cabo and I asked Kelly if she noticed anything unusual. She kept looking around and finally gave up. I said “do you notice those little kids?” Kelly replied “OMG where are their parents?” I told her that at least at that time in Mexico there was no fear of child snatching and parents let their kids wander around freely. She was amazed.

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