La Paz April 2001

La Paz is a large city and it is the capitol of the State of Baja California Sur, Mexico. I booked this trip via Alaska Airlines vacations. From the start of the trip things did not go well. I booked online so they had my email address and phone numbers. We got to the airport at the crack of dawn to be told we were not on the 6:00 AM flight and they had no way of notifying us. BS! So we had to hang out at the airport for over three hours until the next flight. I was insistent that they owed us for their screw up and we got vouchers for a flight anywhere Alaska flew for our inconvenience. Luckily our transport from Cabo to La Paz kept checking to see if we had arrived at the airport. It is two hour drive from the Cabo airport to La Paz.
We got almost all of the way to La Paz when I realized that I had left my prescription reading glasses and my book in the seat back on the plane. The next day our first stop was a farmacia so I could buy some cheapo reading glasses. I did retrieve my glasses and the book from the lost and found at the airport on the return trip home.
As I said La Paz is a very large city. The main commercial area had a lot of shops but no real tourist area. As we walked around the commercial area we found that the sidewalks in front of the businesses were maintained or not by the individual businesses. You could be walking along and all of a sudden there would be a foot or more drop off. There were many big holes in the sidewalks. A few of the store front sidewalks were nicely maintained with tile walkways but that definitely was the exception. My sister said she was surprised that we didn’t see a bunch of people with broken legs.
We stayed at Hotel Los Arcos which is right in town across from the bay of La Paz. The beaches were at least thirty minutes away. We took taxis to the beaches and told the driver when to come back and pick us up. Well that was the plan at least. One day we had to walk quite a ways before we were able to flag down a taxi.

Would I go back to La Paz? No, I really didn’t like that the beaches with facilities were not in walking distance and the whole big city feel was not for me.
The view of the Bay of La Paz just across from our hotel
We took a day long snorkel boat trip to where we snorkeled with the sea lions. This was a long way to where the Bay of La Paz meets the Sea of Cortez. It was fun but I got a bit scared when a sea lion was playfully charging us.

A huge pod of dolphins on the way back to La Paz

This is the Pemex plant just out of town Easter Sunday found this little guy all dressed up
Mushroom Rock at the beach we stopped at on the way back from our snorkel trip. We had lunch here and spent some more time snorkeling.
Pelicans were everywhere. I was afraid we would be hit as they dive bombed for fish.
One of the beaches we spent a day at. This was a nice beach but you had to walk out forever to even get knee deep in the water.
Playa Tecolate was a nice beach but almost 40 minutes from our hotel

4 Responses

  1. I loved the shot of the sea lions…and the little guy all decked out for Easter. And what keeps that Mushroom Rock from toppling over??

  2. If you noticed the little guy was the only one dressed for Easter. The rest of the family was pretty casually dressed. That rock was pretty interesting.

  3. We spent a week in Baja last summer. I loved La Paz, but then we had a car. We drove everyday to that beach with the mushroom rock. Last year some Japanese tourists actually broke it and it is now cemented back together!

  4. I could see how La Paz would be a totally different city if we had a car. I really didn’t know much about La Paz when I booked the trip. Alaska Airlines had a vacation special and I though “why not La Paz?”
    Gosh, they broke the mushroom rock how inconsiderate of them. Let me guess… they were taking photos and hanging off the rock.

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