Stocking up for the wedding reception and looking at flowers

Yesterday Tara came over to pick me up for our shopping trip to Costco. She did not call ahead like she said she would so I wasn’t quite ready. I told her I needed to take a health break. So she left to go to Starbucks for some drinks. When she came back to my house she said that Costco did have wheelchairs and my great nieces had one waiting for me.

We spent about an hour at Costco primarily buying beverages for the wedding reception. We selected a variety of wine, a few bottles of champagne, beer, water and some soft drinks. I felt like “Queen for the day” being pushed around in a wheelchair. My nieces age 8 and 11 made sure they got all of the free samples to eat that were being handed out. They even used the excuse of getting “one for my aunt in the wheelchair” so they could have two samples of some of the food items.

Tara contemplating the beer choices

Niece Maddie with Tara calling Kelly “Babe, what kind of beer do you want me to buy?”

Niece Zoe told her sister it was her turn to push wheelchair but Zoe only wanted to be free to pose for a photo

Next we were all going to go to a farmer’s market to decide which flower grower to order flowers from for the wedding and reception. Thankfully Tara told me I didn’t have to go if I didn’t feel like it. I really wanted to accompany Tara, my sister, niece and her girls but I knew walking around the market with crutches in the 90 degree heat would not be fun. So I told Tara to take my camera and take photos so I could put them in the album I am making for her of her wedding preparations. Tara said there were so many beautiful flowers that she decided to go back to the farmer’s market the morning of the wedding to get a variety of bouquets. She needs one for herself as well as small bouquets for the table centerpieces.

3 Responses

  1. wow, that’s a lot of flowers.

    Gig Harbor florist

  2. Beautiful flowers! I’m sure she’ll get some lovely ones for the wedding. The Costco looks just like the one here in CT, except ours doesn’t sell beer & wine!

  3. Arlene,
    That was the Lake Oswego Farmer’s Market. LO is a very high end $$$ suburb of Portland.They probably have more flowers for sale than most of the local famer’s markets in the area. Tara will have an excellent chose the day of the wedding.

    Costco is a Costco no matter where you go. I imagine even the Costco in Cancun looks very similar.

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