Email from The Travel Channel

I received this email yesterday afternoon. I love The Travel Channel and Samantha Brown. I am sure that it is an email that went out to multiple people and that I was not singled out. I recently had two blog posts about trips to Cabo that had labels including Cabo.

Hi Jackie,
I’m working with Travel Channel’s online community team and wanted to let you know that Samantha Brown visits Cabo San Lucas on her upcoming episode of Passport To Great Weekends.

The Cabo San Lucas show airs at 10:30pm EST on Thursday, July 17th. I thought you and your readers might be interested in the show, and that you might want to post something on your blog about it.

You can actually get a quick take on what “Sam” is about by her newly uploaded YouTube videos at: or get more of the packaged e-kit at:

As we are putting more online community platforms in place we would love your feedback. You can post to Sam’s blog, or join in the conversation on Twitter, or send us an email.

On a more personal note, I hope this email is not offensive to you. I maintain my own personal blog, and am familiar with the annoyance of spammy messaging. If you have ideas on how Travel Channel or Samantha Brown might be able to promote your site or better contribute to your interests – please be sure to let me know.

With Appreciation,

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  1. Tell Samantha to put a link on her blog to your blog!!

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