One week from today Tara is getting married, a mother’s perspective

OMG! One week from today my daughter Tara will be getting married. I have blogged about this before but to recap Tara and Kelly have been together for over 5 ½ years. They have always talked about getting married and having babies. They are almost there. Just a few more steps until they (Tara) fulfill that dream.

Kelly has been a typical male procrastinator and has not yet given Tara her engagement ring or officially proposed. He bought the ring a couple of weeks ago but the guy who they send the rings to size has been on vacation for the last two weeks. Kelly wanted to give Tara the ring last Saturday before her bridal shower so she could show it off to her friends.

My niece and Tara’s best friend have been hounding Kelly about when he is going to give her the ring and actually propose. So the plan is that today Kelly will suggest that they go on a long drive and somewhere along the way Kelly will stop and propose and give Tara the ring.

Tara 32? years ago

Tara and me 30 years ago

Tara and Kelly on Isla 4 years ago

2 Responses

  1. Get that ring girl, lol! I’m on the opposite end of the situation, got a ring almost four years ago but no wedding. I think she got the better end of the deal. 🙂

    Mucha suerte! Lots of luck! And no crying at the wedding. LMAO. Um, of course you can cry at the wedding, heck I might cry from here! 😉

  2. Kelly,
    I can’t wait to hear from Tara after today’s drive and proposal. They bought a house a year and a half ago so they are kind of doing things in reverse order as well. However Tara has held fast to her goal of not getting pregnant until after she gets married. I have to say that she will be the first woman in the family to make that goal in a really long time. All of my sisters and I had babies before marriage as did both of my nieces.
    No crying!???? WTF? I cry at weddings where I do not even know the bride and groom.

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