Shopping on Isla Mujeres

I have been traveling to Isla Mujeres since 1993. I have been to many other Mexican cities and probably have been in total to Mexico around 30 times. I am not a shopper but enjoy taking photos of what there is available to the average tourist. More than once I have been questioned by US Customs when they see that I say I purchased $0 while in Mexico.

They start at a very young age to sell to the tourist

These are the shops just below Suites Los Arcos

Even beach vendors need to take a break

Pedro’s wife at M&J’s Cazuelas makes this jewerly

At one point the little vendor had 20 turtles on my table. She counted them and kept pulling out more until she finally found the purple one I wanted

Charlie is one of my favorite beach vendors. He is one of the few vendors I buy from. He always compares my tan to his skin color. He knows that by the end of my visit I will be darker than him.

Can you ever get enough bobble heads? I have bought many for nieces, nephews and friend’s little one. I do admit I have a few turtles that I have in a beach and sand box in my office.

These are definitely tourist daytripper shopping spots.

2 Responses

  1. Charlie always give us a wide berth now. If he gets too close to us, we throw stones or seaweed or something at him. He is the rudest, nosiest pest on the beach. In my humble opinion of course. But he has given me good reason to despise him. (hint: he HATES gays)

  2. Well Charlie does like to flirt with the chicas no matter how old or what we look like. He gave my friend Denise and I each gifs in October because we each bought a couple of the more expensive ones from him.
    The vendor I find the most annoying is the real skinny guy selling necklaces. He will stand by next and no matter how many times or days in a row NO he will not leave me alone. He doesn’t speak much English but no is no!

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