The wedding – part 2

Cindy, Tara and I did an excellent job designing the cake. OK, the cake lady helped too. A very simple yet elegant cake. Top layer strawberry champagne, 2nd layer chocolate with chocolate cream filling, 3rd layer yellow cake with a cream cheese filling.

The bride and groom were having an excellant time at their wedding. I love this photo of Tara. She is having so much fun!

And here you can see why! Kathy and Jack causing Tara to laugh hysterically.

I really do not know what was making Tara laugh so hard here. The photographer was a woman who works for her. Rene said it was the only time she could boss her supervisor around.

The toast

Oh, oh, I see mischief brewing here.

Yep! I told you!

Tara said she had to go inside to wash her face because she had frosting up her nose.

Kelly with his man boobs,the form from Tara’s dress.

Whose are bigger?

Tara, her aunt Dee-Dee and cousin Allie who both helped so much getting ready the day of the wedding.

The wedding day was perfect. Pretty much my entire family attended and everyone got along. That’s not always the case with a big family like mine. Tara has a special place in all of my family member’s hearts after not one but two cardiac arrest and near death incidents.

The only screeching that happened was when I saw my 21 nephew Max taking a bottle of champagne to their table. It was opened and I yelled across the entire yard at him about not drinking the champagne because it was for the toast. He said ‘it was opened and it was a wedding so what the hell?” I sent one of my sisters over to take the champagne out of the ice tubs until we were ready for the toasts. I had to talk Tara into buying champagne to start with because she doesn’t like it. I told her we needed to buy a few bottles for the toast so she agreed. The only other incident was when my sister Pam who was quite toasted tried to cut through the heavy cardboard separating the cake layers. I guess she destroyed the cake and bent the heck out of my niece’s wedding cake knife. Tara’s friend Cindy told Pam to let her cut the cake. Cindy tried to cut one slice and the blade broke off from the handle. Pam blamed Cindy for breaking the knife. But we survived Tara and Kelly’s day with no major issues.

Tara told me again today how much she loved the wedding and that she had so much fun. A bride should enjoy the special day and laugh a lot.

In an email from one of my friends after she viewed the wedding photos “a couple of my favorites are 57 and 71…even though Elva was in the family photo it is great of all of you. and the other one with Tara laughing is wonderful. What shines through to me is that Tara was having a hoot at her own wedding and that doesn’t happen all the time. I’m happy for them.”

7 Responses

  1. So happy for Tara and you!! Don’t you love these proud parent moments!

  2. Muchas felicidades, big congrats, you survived, lol! Beautiful pictures, what a lovely, happy day!

  3. Yes Brenda, I was a very proud Mother on Saturday. The wedding was so much fun and everyone had a good time.
    Kelly, Thank you. It is a relief to have it over. But then again mostly all I did was spend money.

  4. What a beautiful day for all of you! In retrospect, the knife incident is pretty funny! You are lucky nothing greater than that occurred! Thanks for sharing. I sure would have liked a piece of that pretty cake!

  5. Wayne.
    I have never seen that sister so wasted. So yes, everything considered there were no major incidents to report.
    I did not even have one bite of cake. I was too full from the barbeque dinner.

  6. Looks and sounds like eveyone had a great time!

  7. Ann,
    Everyone had a great time.I sent a nice thank you email to everyone who helped with the wedding. One of my nieces replied “No need to thank me. We had LOADS of FUN!” Even after she worked her ass off setting stuff up. I really do have a great family even though we sometimes all do not get along.

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