Friends and family made the wedding perfect for Tara and Kelly

Tara is Rene’s supervisor at the credit union. Rene is building her portfolio so that she can take on some professional photo jobs. She would not let Tara pay her so we slipped some money into her purse. Rene took a ton of photos and I can’t wait to see them.

Cindy, Tara and Kim. Cindy and Tara have been best friends for twenty-two years. Cindy gave a toast and that made many of us cry.

Cousin Erika, Cindy, Tara and Kim. Erika was pretty much in charge of creating all of the crafty stuff. She and her mother sewed fifty chair covers. Erika and her husband Alan made the arch that the ceremony took place under.

Tara with my sister Debi whose yard the wedding took place in. Debi loves to entertain and be in charge so she was in her element that day.

Kim and Rob are very good friends of Tara and Kelly’s. Two years ago when they got married TnK were their witnesses. Kim wrote the vows and did an excellent job even though a couple of times she started to cry while reading them. Rob was in charge of the music and video camera.

I would be a really bad mother or grandmother if I didn’t post a photo of TnK’s gurlz. Cindy walked down the aisle with them and then they had to give love to TnK when the ceremony was over.

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