Portland, the city of roses or in my case the house of one rose

Just like the last rose that bloomed on my one rose bush I waited too long to take a photo. Portland is known as the City of Roses. My yard is known by me as the house with one rose.

Portland has its annual event the Rose Festival that takes place in June and has events running through this weekend with the air show. What many people do not realize is that Portland although it does have a lot of rain does not have more than the City of Seattle. We get the bad rap though. The rain in Portland does contribute toward the great roses, rhododendrons and overall greenery of the area.

So one of my main concerns about where to retire to for at least part of the year is where can I live where there is limited rainfall yet an abundance of greenery and plants. Oh and having a beach near by is a big plus for me. My research over the next two years will help me decide where that ideal place is.

This post is as a result of a friend in NYC recently asking me where other than Oregon I would live in the USA.

2 Responses

  1. Jackie, is that the same bush you bought a while back for a contrabution/ charity thing? it’s just hangin’ aroung to say thank you:-))

  2. Yes Carl, that is the same rose bush I purchased at the charity auction. If I told you how much I bought night you would think I was nuts. So several glasses of wine were in play and that is why I spent so much money.

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