My friking knee injury and the Ortho doc follow up

I saw the Ortho doc today. So he still looks like he is 16 but I guess since he graduated from medical school he must be older and qualified to assess my injury. I asked him about surgery and he said he still does not recommend surgery. An injury like mine can take 2 – 3 months to recover. It has not been two months yet. I told him that two weeks ago or even one week ago I would have begged him to do surgery to make me feel better but today I felt like I could say that my knee was getting better. He gave me an injection of cortisone laced with a pain med to numb the area. He wants me to be able to determine how much pain was relieved from the cortisone that is caused by the arthritis and bone bruise vs. the sprained ligaments. I do not think that much of the pain is from the arthritis since I only had to occasionally ice my knee to relieve the discomfort prior to the sprained/torn ligaments. Next ortho appointment is in 6 weeks. This is getting so old and tiring. I hate it!

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  1. The only way I can get my bones, joints to quit “screaming” at me is Mexico…Isla!! Does that count as a doctors excuse?

  2. Yes, in my mind it does. Well once the numbing med wore off I can say that the cortisone injection did no good.
    I am drooling about taking a trip in October. My friend Denise and a friend of hers are going to Isla the end of the first week in September. I told her I didn’t think that I would be ready for that. There is a lot of walking we do on Isla not to mention getting through multiple airports. Of course I could have a wheelchair. I don’t think that I could walk on the sand with crutches. So I am thinking Isla late October when some other friends will be there. But I am not allowed on the island when Tara and Kelly are there on their honeymoon 10/31 – 11/8. I am kind of thinking maybe a Palm Springs trip. Or anywhere that I might be able to get into a Worldmark condo or an exchange with RCI. Just a pool would be OK for me at this point.

  3. It’s too bad you have to consider other choices to vacation. I know how much you love Isla. But let me tell, you aren’t missing a thing right now. The island is dead, dead, dead. Last night at Adelita’s/Feyne’s, there were 3 occupied tables! But the band played for an hour anyway. Let me know when you really are coming!

  4. I forgot to ask. Where is staying for her honeymoon? Also, let her know that the newly remodeled and beautiful Zama has not opened.

  5. Wayne,
    I am thinking about looking to change my October vacation plans to go to Isla instead of Palm Springs but I think it will probably be too costly.
    Due to a major hassle with Travelocity ticketing Tara and Kelly’s flight for their honeymoon they cancelled Isla. They are at the Oregon coast this week instead. Tara purchased (or thought she did) tickets on Mexicana. That airline was going to stop flying out of Portland the end of August so the ticket transaction was never completed even though Tara’s credit card was charged months previously.

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