Labor Day weekend – what it means to me

My mother always said that she labored on Labor Day as I was almost born in a taxi on the way to the hospital the next day. Three years later on Labor Day my mother almost went in to labor again with my youngest sister Dee-Dee. Dee- Dee was born the day after Labor Day.

Labor Day to me used to always mean the end of summer and Tara’s return to school. For many years I took Labor Day week off as vacation so I could take Tara to her first day of school. As she got older I would still take the week off so I could be home when she returned from her first days in her new grade. When Tara was old enough to stay at home by herself I would take the week as vacation and go to central Oregon to stay with my sister and her husband. We would take their boat and go to a lake and have the picnic area and lake pretty much to ourselves.

Today Labor Day means that summer is coming to an end. Here in Oregon we usually have very nice weather through September. My daughter will be 35 on 9/22 and it has only rained once on her birthday. Indian summer sticks around sometimes into the middle of October. After that I expect gray skies and rain until the late spring.

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