Placas Mexicanas

I love all of the beautifully colored plates and bowls displayed on Hidalgo on Isla Mujeres. However they wouldn’t necessarily fit in with my kitchen décor. About 8 years ago when Tara and I were in Playa del Carmen I found a serving bowl in shop on the north end of 5th Avenue. I wanted to buy another smaller bowl with the same colors. The owner of the shop said “no problemo, come with me”. He practically ran all the way down to the far south end of 5th Avenue near the ferry stand to the other shop he owned. I was a few weeks away from having knee surgery so I made Tara run after him so we wouldn’t lose him. He sold the two bowls to me for a real bargain price. They are very pretty blue and white bowls that look really nice with my cobalt blue Fiesta Ware and my Mexican glasses.

These plates are all from just one shop’s display on Hidalgo next to Suites Los Arcos

4 Responses

  1. I want ’em ALL!! Great pics, thanks!

  2. Sue, If I had a house on Isla I would probably have them all! They would be displayed in the kitchen and elsewhere on the walls as well as being used as serving dishes.

  3. I have always wondered if the pottery had lead in them? I’m afraid to use them even for candy dishes around my grandkids. Although, all the paint chips i ate diddddntt seeem to affffect mmmmeeeee :-))

  4. I will have to do some research Carl to determine if those plates have any lead in in in in them them themmmmmmmmmmm.

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