Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Today is Tara’s 35th birthday. 9 months ago I didn’t know if she was going to live to have another birthday. Today is about celebrating Tara’s life.

We had some rough years when Tara was in her teens. It was a struggle at times to just be in the same house. Now that Tara is a grown woman we are great friends. Having nearly lost Tara twice has made me appreciate what a wonderful daughter she is.
So Happy Birthday baby girl! I hope you and Kelly are having a fantastic time at the Oregon coast on you belated honeymoon.

2 Responses

  1. I hope Tara appreciates her mom just as much as you cherish her. I think every mother daughter relationship goes through “the tough teen years.”

  2. Brenda,
    I still have the card that came with my Mother’s Day flowers from Tara 5 years ago. It said “Mother, I have always lioved you it just took me 30 years to realize how much.”

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