Over abundance of product in the chip aisle

I just came home from Safeway where I went to pick up something to make for dinner. This is a newer store only having been open since last December. It is clean, open and light and way larger than most of the other Safeway stores around.

I am just amazed by the length of the “chip aisle”. Do we really need to have every variety of potato chip, pretzels, tortilla chips, popcorn and veggie chips known to mankind in one store? Apparently the store buyers think so.

I did find these “healthy” chips that I had to open upon returning home. They are pretty good, just a bit spicy and lower in cholesterol and fat than the average tortilla chip.

I was curious about what other products this company by the name of Corazonas makes so I went to their website to check it out. They not only have several other flavors of chips but some decent recipes.

5 Responses

  1. I love chips, including the greasy salty ones. There are a couple of brands I eat in Canada that we don’t have here – salt and vinegar, and all-dressed. But here I’ve learned to even eat the hottest chips – habanero – which causes my mouth to burn.

    I do miss the white corn chips from Canada too, but the tostadas here work ok, and we use them for chilaquilles too.

  2. Sue,I like the greasy ones too. But for being “healthy” these are a good choice. They could have used some salsa to go with them though.

  3. I would love to have the choices that are available to you. I get really tired of the few choices we have here.

  4. Wayne.
    I thought about people like you living on Isla who do not have the same grocery choices that I do. Granted I am only there for a couple of weeks at a time but you could give me some fresh guac and chips and I would be happy.

  5. Jackie,

    Thanks so much for checking out our chips! Did you notice they help lower cholesterol? I just posted a new heart-healthy recipe on our site from our partner, The Hope Heart Institute. Maybe you are familiar with them? They are based in Seattle. If you’d like to try some of our other chip flavors, send me an email at info@corazonas.com. I’d be happy to put some coupons in the mail to you. Thanks for your support!

    Party Hearty!

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