Explore Oregon with me, facts and photos

Oregon was the 33rd state in the USA; it became a state on February 14, 1859.
State Abbreviation – ORState Capital – Salem
Largest City – PortlandArea – 98,386 square miles
Oregon is the 9th biggest state in the USA
Population – 3,421,399 (as of 2000)
Oregon is the 28th most populous state in the USA
Name for Residents – Oregonians
Major Industries – timber, paper products, farming (wheat, cattle), mining (coal), computer equipment, electronics
Major Rivers – Columbia River, Deschutes, Willamette River, John Day River, Snake River
Major Lakes – Upper Klamath Lake, Crater Lake
Highest Point – Mount Hood – 11,239 feet (3,426 m) above sea level
Bordering States – California, Idaho, Nevada, Washington
Bordering Body of Water – Pacific Ocean
Origin of the Name Oregon – The origin is unknown. It may have come from the French word Ouragan (which means Hurricane) and was a former name of the Columbia River.
State Nickname – Beaver State
State Motto – “She Flies With Her Own Wings” and “The Union”
State Song – Oregon, My Oregon

I live in Oregon which is a beautiful state with diverse terrain ranging from the Cascade Mountain Range to the Pacific Coast. I want to share some of the highlights of my home state with you.

Big city excitement and small town charm make Portland, Oregon, known as “the City of Roses”, one of the favorite destinations in the West. Portland is situated approximately 70 miles from the Pacific in a magnificent setting between the sparkling waters of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. Portland’s historic old town, galleries and museums, Saturday Market, and theatre companies will keep visitors busy for weeks! Its lush green parks are perfect for a picnic or an afternoon stroll. Also, Portland is just a short distance from Willamette valley wineries, skiing at Timberline Lodge and all of the excitement and beauty of Oregon’s spectacular ocean beaches.

Salem, the capital city of Oregon and its second largest city, lies in the center of the lush Willamette River valley, 47 miles from Portland. Salem is a city of over 47 square miles, located an hour from the Cascade mountains to the east and an hour from the ocean beaches to the west.

The State Fair in Salem

Multnomah Falls -The water of Multnomah Falls rushes just twenty minutes east of Troutdale. The Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area extends from the Sandy River, all the way to the Deschutes River, nearly 80 miles east

The Columbia River Gorge as seen from Vista House

Fall in the Cascades

Mt Hood

Historical Timberline Lodge

Seaside has been the Northwest’s most popular ocean resort for over a century. Visitors from around the world have been coming to Seaside since the 1800s.

Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach
Nine miles of wide, walkable beach invite visitors to Cannon Beach. The scenic beauty of the seastacks offshore and headlands onshore make your stroll down the sand particularly memorable. Fly a kite, watch the sea creatures in the tidepools, or take pictures of famous Haystack Rock. Relaxing on the beach is part of the Cannon Beach experience.

Eugene – home of the University of Oregon

Oregon’s second largest city, is known for its mix of arts and culture, education, scenic attractions, and passion for recreation.

Bend located in central Oregon high desert country

A warm inviting mountain getaway with a cosmopolitan appeal is what you’ll find when you arrive in the friendly town of Bend, Oregon. Majestic snow-capped peaks permeate the high-desert skyline making for some of the best weather in Oregon—think sun-drenched days and cool nights—along with endless options for plenty of play time.

Ashland – known for it’s annual Shakespeare Festival

Ashland is is a short drive from Crater Lake National Park, located at the headwaters of the Rogue River. Ashland is also close to the southern Oregon coast. Everywhere you look, there are reminders of the past, from pioneer vintage buildings to Victorian houses.

Crater Lake National Park
Crater Lake National Park is located in southern Oregon on the crest of the Cascade Range, 100 miles from the Pacific coast

Wildlife Safari in Winston

Wildlife Safari is a fun-filled family destination where you can view over 500 animals in their natural habitat, roaming freely as they do in the wild! Visitors to the park drive through a 4.5 mile trek to see animals from Africa, Asia and the America’s. This unique setting offers many opportunities to get up close and personal with animals large and small.

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  1. You have some beautiful pictures there, Jackie. I can only imagine how much time it took you to do the research and put this blog together. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Sue. Some of the photos are mine (well 4 anyway). The others were pretty easily found by searching Google Images. I did this post because a lot of people even living in the USA are not very familiar with Oregon. They know that it is near California and they say things like “I love Seattle”. Of course Seattle is in Washington state not Oregon.

  3. omg oregon is so beatiful!!

    • It is a beautiful state with a very diverse landscape. Three mountain ranges, The Cascades, The Coast Range and The Blue Mountains. Two major rivers, The Columbia and The Willamette. And of course the Pacific Ocean. Come visit Oregon!

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