PhotoBucket Pro slideshow of Isla Mujeres

Update: I am not sure why the slideshow wouldn’t load. It worked fine on Saturday.
I really like PhotoBucket. You can make slideshows like this one, Remixes, scrapbooks and avatars. If you choose to link photos to your blog or a message board it is simple to copy and paste the HTML tag.

The Pro version has an annual fee of $26 (I think). PhotoBucket has great customer service/support. Twice when I was experiencing some type of technical problem with their site I not only got an automated email in response to my reporting issues but a personal email from one of the PB technical staff. Both times the issue was resolved in a very timely manner.

Try the free version then I think you will quickly find that you will want the full functionality of the Pro version.

These are the current stats for my account:

Total Pictures and Videos 954
Monthly Hits 15570 102 MB (1%) of 10 GB (Geeze that is a lot of bandwidth!)
Monthly Bandwidth 1.2 GB

4 Responses

  1. You always have such great remixes of Isla. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Brenda. I just love playing with my photos.

  3. Great slideshow, jackie–I love looking at your photos!

  4. Thanks JQ. The feeling is mutual about your photos. I just wish that Blogger was more flexible in what you can post from other online sites. My slideshow posted just fine when I first tested it.

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