Spreading the word – Project Warm Hands (Gringo in Paradise)

This post’s intention is to spread the word about a group of bloggers getting together (virtually via the web) to help out some of the children in Xico, Veracruz.

Wayne of Isla Gringo in Paradise proposed that all knitters “Get out your needles, grab some yarn from your stash (which I know you all have!) and start clacking those needles as fast as you can for the people of Ursulo Galvan.”

Nancy of Countdown to Mexico wrote Xico is where blogger John and his wife Anita live. It’s a small community, and most people work hard to take care of the necessities of life with little left over for gifts for the children. And it gets cold there!”

Steve of same life – new location wrote The need is great. And we can only touch a small number of people. But that is how the world is changed. One person at a time.”

Theresa of ¿What do I do all day? Had this to say about the plan I know that I have crafty readers too, I am not much of a knitter but I can crochet with the best of them! I am going to take some time off my own projects to make a few things to mail to the poor people of Ursulo Galvan.”

Now those of us NOB need to figure out what the best way for us to participate is. I personally plan on going to a thrift store to buy gently used warm clothing and will throw in some new toys as well.

Update from John of Viva Veracruz: “If you are so inclined to help you can easily donate via Paypal. Over to the left of here is a donation link – simply state your giving in kindness to the people of Ursulo Galvan. We will see that ALL the money is spent on things for them. I realize there are a lot of places to give these days – so any of you that are helping out here – well, thank you. Believe me this is a needy crowd amongst so very many needy folks around the planet.”

I see that Wayne has an update and has posted a mailing address to send items of need to Xico.

Watch the video. I loved this movie but not just as entertainment because it was so much more than that. The message this movie sent was about social responsibility and how we can all truly make a difference in this world.

5 Responses

  1. This m,ay turn out to be a very good example of paying it forward.

  2. I think so too Steve. The more people who blog about this project the more donations will be gathered.

  3. Thanks for helping to spread the word. What with the issue of paying duty raising its’ ugly head, I am beginning to think that those NOB should probably go the PayPal route. Just not as satisfying as making or buying something yourself though.

  4. Wayne,
    I decided PayPal would be the best way to go. You are right it is not as satisfying as shipping for children. I will help in any way that I can.

  5. I will have to get my paypal donation done today. It would be interesting to see how many people donate because of the blogs!!

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