TnK have a houseguest – a Bulldog puppy

Tara and Kelly have “the girls” aka Whippets. But do not even think about referring to them as the “D” word. No, they are not dogs they are their girls. They took part in Tara and Kelly’s wedding a couple of months ago. Emmy and Bella are long legged, lean, do not smell like dogs and are very well behaved. Emmie and Bella are pedigreed show dogs that have never been shown.

For 10 days TnK are babysitting their friends Kim and Rob’s Bulldog while they are vacationing on Isla Mujeres. Tara said that the Bulldog, Remmie is so cute but she is everything the girls are not. Remmie is loud, hyper, burps like a person, short and chubby and smells like a dog. Remmie is in constant motion unlike Emmy and Bella. Bella does not like being in the same room as Remmie. Emmie gets a bit stressed by the constant noise and motion of Remmie even when Kelly is not playing with her.

4 Responses

  1. I think bulldogs are so ugly, they are cute! I know Rafe(our dog) would love a houseguest once in awhile–when my brother & his family come to visit, they bring their dog, Gracie & Rafe & her have a ball!

  2. JQ,
    That is exactly what I said to Tara and she said “huh uh, she is so cute”. Tara picked me up at the airport tonight and said she was sad that Remmie went home yesterday but their girls are so relieved to have that nuisance of a puppy gone. Tara said that Bella even showed her teeth in irritation at the puppy which is very usual for her.

  3. Pets can be such a big part of our lives.And then again such a pain sometimes.

  4. Frank,
    I am not much of a pet person but I did have great little Cocker for 16 ½ years. She was a good companion. However, when the time came to put her down I knew I would never have another dog. I always felt guilty leaving her at the kennel when I traveled several times a year.

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