Vacations are great!

I forgot how little there is to see in Palm Springs proper. I have been up the tram to the top of the San Jacinto Mountains three times. I have visited several of the real glitzy hotels, been to the water park and shopped for days on El Paseo Drive which is the Rodeo Drive of Palm Springs. I have been to the huge outlet mall north of the city several times. I don’t care to visit the Indian casino. One might think that there are some really gorgeous homes to see in the residential neighborhoods. While that is true most of the really big buck homes are either in gated communities or behinds walls or gates. So you might wonder what exactly am I doing here? The answer is not much of anything. I am half way through my third book. My days are spent out by the pool or in the pool on my floaty. It’s HOT. It has been in the high 90s every day. But keep in mind “it’s a dry heat”.

I splurged today and had a 90 minute massage. It was fabulous. This was the first massage I have had since I tore the ligaments in my knee back in June. My massage therapist that I have been going to on a regular basis since 1991 is up a steep flight of stairs. This massage therapist came to my condo which was what I Googled for. I searched for “massage palm springs” and the first one I found that said that they go to the client was Longevity Massage.

This is the view from out front of my condo door. These are the San Jacinto Mountains. Mountians and lots of palm trees are about the only view you get from PS proper.

These are some of the couple of dozen palm trees around the pool which makes it necessary to move every hour or so to get out of the shade.

One trip my daughter asked me how I knew my way around so well without a map. I told her that the PS area is really easy even for the directionally challenged. If you see the San Jacinto Mountains you are heading west. If those mountains are in your rearview mirror you are heading east. Other than the residential neighborhoods everything is pretty much laid out in an east west and north south grid.

Sony Bono’s widow running for re-election for the congressional district that Sonny once represented.

3 Responses

  1. Glad you’re having a great, relaxing time!

  2. Thanks. Just lazing away here. I have gotten scolded a couple of times for doing work email though.

  3. Yhanks Jackie…it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the San Jancito’s.

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