So what does $37.70 buy at a grocery store in Palm Springs?

Jensen’s is a locally owned family chain here in the Coachilla Valley. Yesterday I went there to buy some groceries for the last few days of my stay in Palm Springs.

Here is what I purchased for $37.70. I don’t have each item itemized because I threw away the receipt.

New York steak @ $19.99 lbs = $9.00. I would have preferred the rib eye but it was $22.99 per lbs. Then there was the aged dry beef. That Rib eye was $33 per lbs.

Special Jensen’s burger pattie, ground sirloin, pork, apple bacon and seasoning @5.85 lbs = $3.05

4 spears of asparagus

One vine ripened tomato

Diet Coke

One small serving of broccoli slaw from the deli

Gallon of water = $1.69

One ear of corn

½ cantaloupe

One bottle of Chardonnay = $9.99

For dinner tonight I grilled the NY steak, the asparagus with a little melted butter and the leftover roasted red potatoes from dinner a few nights ago. Everything was wonderful! This dinner in a restaurant in PS would probably have been somewhere around $32 just for the steak and the sides $6 or more each. So over all my grocery shopping was less than one dinner out would have been. Plus I have dinner for tomorrow night on top of it. A glass of Chardonnay in a restaurant would be at least $8.00. So I did OK. Right?

I am certainly not on a budget but why go out to eat by myself when I can prepare a great meal in and sit and watch HGTV or read while I eat?

4 Responses

  1. I really miss HGTV. And the cooking shows. And Trading Spaces. Sigh.

  2. Wow–my thought was as I was reading was, if the gracery are this expensive, I wonderful how much it would cost to eat out?
    Hope you’re having a relaxing time.

  3. Wayne,
    I very seldom watch anything other than The Travel Channel, HGTV and the Food Network. Those channels all are so interesting. The Food Channel has been running a show on Chef Jeff. He was a young man who learned to cook in prison. The first black man to be chef at the Bellagio and shortly after became the executive chef. That was Chef Jeff’s goal. It’s a great story of a young man who made bad decisions but ultimately changed his life.

  4. JQ, There are some inexpensive restaurants in the area. Just like anywhere though there are some very expensive restaurants. The steak and seafood places are more of $$$ ones.This is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. There are 44 or 5 locations. The food is great and the portions are huge.

    The San Jacinto Mountains are such a stark contrast to the blue sky and palm trees.

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