Trip home from Palm Springs gets an A

This morning I packed and left the condo in time to stop at Sherman’s Deli for breakfast on the way to the airport. I remembered how large the breakfast servings were from previous trips. I really wanted the homemade corn beef hash but knew that I would regret eating something so heavy later. So I ordered the scrambled eggs with onions served with potatoes/onions and lox. I only ate about half of the eggs and potatoes but did finish off the lox and as the menu said “it was a slice of heaven”.

Since opening their first location in 1953, Sherman’s has become a landmark in the desert. This Kosher- style family restaurant, still owned and operated by Sherman Harris and his son, Sam Harris, offers an extensive menu for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner reminiscent of a New York style deli.

If you ever get to Palm Springs I highly recommend eating breakfast there at least once.
Then I got to the airport to return the Avis rental car. I ended up barely driving anywhere this trip so I did not fill up with gas. The Avis man wanted to charge me $13.99 since I didn’t have a receipt for the fill up. I did tell him that I didn’t fill it up because I had barely driven anywhere. So he waived the $13.99.
Then I went to US Airways to check in. I asked for a wheelchair. The Palm Springs airport is not a really big airport but it is really spread out. The new United and US Airway terminal is almost to Indio (22 miles from PS) as the man who pushed the wheelchair told me. I got to security and there were only two people behind me to get screened. The TSA man asked me if that was my wine picnic bag. Yes. “Oh crap!” I said “there is a cork screw in there which I totally forgot.” He said yes but he was more concerned about the cheese knife. Rather than confiscating the little cheese knife and the cork screw they asked me if I wanted to check the little bag. So the man pushing the wheelchair took it back to check in. Meanwhile one of the other TSA guys was teasing me about having a knife. I kept apologizing saying I was sorry and totally forgot about it or I would have removed the items and put them in my check in bag. All of the TSA agents were friendly and enjoying the slow morning. What a difference from many of my most recent experiences. Palm Springs is a great little airport where everyone knows each other. The wheel chair man came back and told me he talked the US Airways agent into not charging me for a 2nd check in bag. Another pleasant surprise with the airline employee being friendly and accommodating.
My change of planes in Phoenix was smooth and uneventful. What a relief after my day from Hell last Sunday getting to Palm Springs.
The wine picnic basket was the “gift” I choose to listen to the timeshare owner’s update. My selections were a white terry cloth bathrobe that had Wyndham /Worldmark embossed on it, a cheap suitcase or the picnic/wine basket. I choose the wine basket and gave it to Tara so she and Kelly could use it when they go to the Oregon coast or take drives for picnicking with their dogs. I was told that this meeting would take 60 – 90 minutes. I was out of there in 30. I had no plans on spending any more money ($8,800 as it turned out) to increase my timeshare points or to upgrade to their new travelshare program. I am perfectly happy with the plan and points I have.

It looks something like the wine tote on the right.

3 Responses

  1. Glad you had a better experience on the way home!

  2. Wow, Jackie, beautiful photos. I can tell I’m going to enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Thanks Ann. I appreciate the comment.

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