Whoo hoo! I hit the gas pump jackpot!

Why do I feel like I hit the jackpot on a slot machine when I filled up with gas today? I buy my groceries at Safeway because the store is so convenient for me. It may be one of the more expensive grocery chains but this store is new, clean, airy and the employees are very friendly. They have a gas station on the premise and a program to earn money off at the pumps. Their program is somewhat complex but basically for every $50 spent in the store you get $.10 off a gallon. The discount accumulates for three months then ends at the end of the quarter. I had to get gas today as my gas empty light was on. Premium was $2.68 a gallon which considering how high the prices were earlier this summer this was relatively cheap. Boy was I pleased when the attendant told me I had the big ticket item and would be getting $.70 off per gallon. That brought the price down to $.198 a gallon for premium. Wow! When was gas that cheap in recent years?

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  1. That’s great! Our prices are going down, too. We don’t have a gas station in the town where I live, but it seems everytime I go to Torrington, the price has dropped again–that’s nice because everything else is going up!

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