A Saturday in my neighborhood

Or more precisely seen in downtown Milwaukie which is a little less than two miles from my home. I love the doors on this old building.

This is the park next to the library

Darkhorse Comics has grown since it’s start back in the mid 80’s. They own the rights to the Star Wars merchandise. Darkhorse has several other companies such as an entertainment company that produces movies. Another one of their companies is M Press a more mainstream book publisher. One of my niece’s best friends is an editor for M Press. My niece has done some freelance editing work for them and would love to be able to edit for them full time. But there is no position available at this time unless her friend quits whihc is likely because she loves her job. I have read two books published by M Press, Shanghai Diaries and it pre-quel Eternal Strangers. The author of these books lives about 20 miles south of Portland. My niece was the editor for Eternal Strangers.
Trust me that there are life sized Star Wars figures on display in that window.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tour of the city! Are you keeping both blogs going? I had checked this one & the other today.

  2. I spent a bunch of time yesterday trying to design my jackieinpdx.com blog. I added widges and another page then somehow they disappeared. Then I imported the most current postings from Blogger. Any duplicate posts are not supposed to import. Well, they did. I needed up with in some cases three of the same post. I deleted them all and re-imported. It worked like it was supposed to the second time. I need it fiddle with it again today to get the look right and figure out why the widgets are on my blog page.

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