Thursday morning email with the subject: Show of Interest in Leaving Qwest with MSP Benefits

This email came from the VP of the department I work in at Qwest.
“In an effort to reduce expense I am looking for management employees who would be interested in taking a management separation package in December 2008. Please indicate your preference whether you wish to be offered the Qwest Management Separation Plan (QMSP) benefits and leave Qwest or continue your current employment with Qwest. This is not a guarantee that you will be selected to receive the QMSP.”

Next week when I won’t be so busy becasue a lot of people I work with will be taking vacation days I will do some investigating to determine if I want to say yes or no to this offer. I need to look at my retirement options, 401k (yah, I know), my stock options, etc. to feel like I have adequate information to make a decision. Even if I think this is something I want to do the VP said it is not a guarantee.

If I retire now instead of in three or four years I would want to work so that I could continue to live the lifestyle I do now. But the flip side to going to work for another company is that I would not have 35 days of time off with pay which gives me the freedom to travel many times a year. I can’t see myself not working and just sitting around the house. I can see myself renting an apartment on Isla Mujeres and spending several months there.
My daughter and husband are in the early weeks of trying to get pregnant. If there is a grandchild in my near future I wouldn’t want to be away for long periods of time. However, if I wasn’t working I could help out with the baby.
Like I said I need to evaluate the options and make my decision by December 5th. I have no idea how employees will be selected for the separation package.

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  1. Lots to think about. Good luck to your daighter & SIL

  2. Ann,
    I do have a lot to think about. I am going to discuss with Tara on Thanksgiving. She will give me some good advice. Not the “go for it!” that one friend automatically burst out with when I forwarded her the email last Thursday.

  3. Tough decision Jackie! I’ll be very interested to hear what you decide. No, just “go for it” is not what to do, this is a life changing event. Believe me, we know! Where we are right now would not have been our choice, had we been able to make a choice! I know you will weigh the pros and cons and give this very serious thought.
    And good luck to Tara and Kelly on the baby making :-).

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