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  1. I love your unidentified pictures of Isla. It is so much fun trying to figure out where they are. Two of them have me stumped this time. The staircase and the last one of the statue. Details!

  2. Gringo,
    Ha! I stumped the local boy.
    The stairs… think expen$$$ive accommodations and a $pa. Now walk behind that place and you will find the stairs.
    The last photo of the statue is on the grounds of one of the few timeshare resorts on the island. Hint… you can find big fancy boats here.

  3. You brat! Still stumped! Now I have to go expeditioning!

  4. OK here’s the answers.
    The stairs are behind Casa de los Suenos leading down to The Alamar Lounge. Which by the way has excellant food and atmosphere.
    The statue is on the grounds of Villa Vera Isla Mujeres near the marina.In the right corner is the pool bar and beind the staute is the pool deck.

  5. As usual great and fun pics!

  6. Thanks Frank. My next challenge is to see if I can find some more photos that will stump Isla Gringo.

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