“Black Friday” shopping online

Today is known as “Black Friday” the day that insane people wait in line for a store to open at 4:00 AM to get bargains. How many times have you seen in the news people brawling over the last (fill in the blank) hot, latest, gotta have item? It’s crazy! But maybe that is because I have never been a real shopper. I do however shop online for books, gifts, clothing, toys, electronics, etc. In fact I pretty much purchased my current car without ever seeing the model live. When I went to pick it up at the fleet dealer’s office they insisted I test drive. All I had to do was sign the papers and hand them a check.
So in honor of Black Friday I began my Christmas gift shopping today online.
I purchased a Slanket for my daughter Tara. It’s a big, snuggly warm blanket with sleeves. Tara saw the Slanket yesterday in a catalog and said she needed one. She thought that it was an electric blanket with sleeves though. I did search to see if I could find a similar blanket that was electric and had no luck. Depending on what color of Slanket you buy a portion of the purchase goes toward one of three charitable foundations. The recipient of the ruby wine donations go to BREAST CANCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION


There are ten people on my team at work. We are spread out over seven states. Several years ago we began a team Christmas tradition of drawing names for a Secret Santa gift exchange. Half of the fun is to investigate what the person you get as the receiver of your Secret Santa gift would really enjoy. We set a $25 maximum limit. The person I got this year is fairly new to the team and I have not met him in person. I asked a couple of people in the office where he works to tell me a couple of interests or hobbies of Ryan’s. I was told football and cooking. So I headed over to Barnes and Noble on line today and found the perfect combination of Ryan’s two interests. Here is what I bought for Ryan.


These aren’t your run-of-the-mill tailgating recipes, though: The Sunday Night Football Cookbook redefines football food, transforming traditional dishes into super-tasty recipes and adding the nation’s regional tastes to the game-day table.

There are a few photos shown of the finished dishes that look pretty good.

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  1. I finished my Xmas shopping for my family online yesterday. We are celebrating on the 13th–we usually get together a few weeks before or a week or so after–the date doesn’t really matter–it’s spending time with my family that counts!

  2. Good for you Ann! I will finish my shopping online this weekend. My mom, something else for Tara, Kelly and three young nieces are all who I am buying for this year.
    I agree with you about the date doesn’t matter. My sister (the one who hosted TnK’s wedding) is having a big Christmas dinner on 12/20. I will spend Christmas Eve and day with Tara and Kelly. Then I leave for Isla on the 26th.

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